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More Dangerous Dishonesty By The BBC

Shamefully dishonest coverage of the events in Catalonia today by the BBC. Reading those headlines you’d think the police were monsters, attacking innocent people for just turning up to vote in a routine referendum.

The reality is that the ‘referendum’ has been explicitly declared illegal by the Spanish Constitutional Court. The reason is obvious, in an open and free democracy you cannot allow ruling regional governments to launch breakaway referendums without the agreement of the rest of the country.

Allowing this would see separatists across the free world knowing they were one election win away from what would be in their eyes a binding referendum to break up a sovereign nation. There is barely a country in Europe that wouldn’t see a region immediately push for complete independence. Mix romantic sounding separatist propaganda with a pretty flag and some young people ‘just wanting the right to self determination’, and you’ve got a movement that will quickly grow into an unstoppable force.

As for the ‘700+ injured’, it’s clearly in the interest of the Catalan independence movement for as many people as possible to push up against police until they get slightly bruised then go to a nearby ambulance and become a statistic. Nobody who was following police orders today got hurt, it was made extremely clear that the event was illegal and the police were there to uphold the law and stop it taking place.

The BBC however, despite being tax payer funded, seem quite happy to produce click-bait of a man lying on the floor, clearly trying not to be removed (rather than being hurt) and talk of ‘hundreds hurt’. What makes me angry is that millions overseas who have no interest or real background knowledge about Spain, will take a look at this headline and make an instant judgement.

This worries me for another reason, what news stories have I read lately about other countries that I know nothing about, have actually contained huge misrepresentations as well?…..

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