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Category: Travel

How to Visit China Without A Visa (Shenzhen 5 Day Visa – from Hong Kong)

This information was correct as of February 3rd 2014 Update: 05/07/2015: A British traveller has confirmed that the visa described in this article is still available, and the process described below is still relevant. He successfully followed the guide in recent days. Update 06/06/2014: Despite ‘America’ being on the list of countries with a listed price. Several reports have now…


15 Unbreakable Rules For Successful Hosting With Couchsurfing

Looking back at this post 8 years later in 2021 makes me smile. It ‘went viral’ and has had hundreds of thousands of views. People seemed to either really like it, or obsessively hate it. I think the people who liked it understood the logic of what I was trying to do, which was to give a ‘template’ to new…