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Category: Software Development

Designing and building a digital kitchen timer

In this project I plan to design and build a kitchen timer. We don’t have one in our kitchen and it feels like the perfect project for a hot August weekend. I’m writing this blog post while I’m building the device, hopefully this will make it more interesting as I’m sure I’ll come up against some problems and this will…

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9 Months with Arch Linux + i3wm

[Following on from:] I’ve now been using Arch Linux instead of Windows 10 for 9 months straight on my computer. Here are some of my thoughts. I will never go back to using Windows as my main operating system. I am now 100% converted to this platform and the idea of switching back genuinely never enters my head. I…

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What Happens When You’re Too Busy To Market Your App or Game

tl;dr – The faint rustling of leaves… In summer 2015 I released an app, in summer 2015 I didn’t bother to market my app. This is the story of what happened next… Super Soccer Sim is a simulation of football leagues, presented in the style of the popular ‘Soccer Saturday’ sports show¬†on British TV. If that sounds interesting to you,…

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