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Cricket Coach – a detailed cricket simulation game for Windows PCs and Apple Mac. Published as a boxed product for several years. Approaching 20,000 copies sold direct through Released in the past as: Michael Vaughan’s Cricket Manager, Marcus Trescothick’s Cricket Coach, Cricket Coach Pro, Cricket Coach 2007, Cricket Coach 2009, Cricket Coach 2011, Cricket Coach 2012, Cricket Coach 2014. A new version is under development.

Glide – a workflow/business process management/client relationship management system. Used by 800+ people daily in offices across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Football League Simulator – a football simulation for the Xbox 360. The predecessor to Super Soccer Sim. Designed to be a ‘fan simulation’, you watch the scores updates and season progress, no need to make any decisions or control the players on the pitch, simply sit back and cheer for your team.

Super Soccer Sim – a sequel to Football League Simulator released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, featuring multiple leagues, load/save, knock-out cups and a betting component. (No longer available).