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I’m an independent software developer specialising in sports games. My most notable work is Cricket Coach, which had its first release way back in 2001, when I was 19 years old. Back then the game was published and appeared in a box in shops, these days it’s released digitally, a new version tends to appear every 2 to 3 years. The next release should be in 2022.

In 2010 I founded an SaaS startup with my brother. Glide has now developed into an extensive CRM style package with a focus on workflow. The product is used in over 125 offices across the UK and Ireland, with upwards of 750 daily users. I’m unique (or perhaps just stubborn) in that I write all the code for my projects, in the year 2021 I’m still a genuine ‘bedroom coder’ (though I have now bought a house with a dedicated office).

I’m looking forward to contributing what I can to the world of technology in the 21st century. I enjoy following current events across the world and listening to long form podcasts. I follow most sports and try to stay fit and healthy.

I can be contacted through the form below, or on Twitter. I’m interesting in meeting people¬†who do similar things.

I’m English, but live in Granada, Spain with my wife and a man-cave full of electronics. I moved to Spain in 2010 in search of sunshine.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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