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Category: Fun

Designing and building a digital kitchen timer

In this project I plan to design and build a kitchen timer. We don’t have one in our kitchen and it feels like the perfect project for a hot August weekend. I’m writing this blog post while I’m building the device, hopefully this will make it more interesting as I’m sure I’ll come up against some problems and this will…

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How To Build A Live WiFi Web Connected Digital Scoreboard

Arduino Live Wifi Web Scoreboard In this tutorial I am going to explain how I created a digital scoreboard with LEDs, a large dot-matrix display and numerical 8-digit totals. The device uses a WiFi chip to connect to the Internet to get status values such as totals and live counts, plus statuses such as on/off for the LEDs. The device…

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How To Play A Local Multiplayer 3D VR Deathmatch With Google Cardboard

What you will need Two Android smartphones (connected to the same WiFi network) Hardcode game downloaded onto both smartphones (it’s free from Google Play) Two Google Cardboard headsets (or similar VR headsets) Two pairs of earphones Two USB OTG cables + USB controllers (or Bluetooth gamepads) Instructions Since the Google Cardboard 3D virtual reality glasses were first released in June…